Helmut Prang

The Coach

The Coach

Helmut is heading the team. He orchestrates the players and slides in once in a while himself.

He is an old fox in getting the scent of new business. In the course of his consulting career he has guided many companies into uncharted waters. Often his work contributed directly to major investment decisions. But he knows the industry also from line- and staff functions where he managed marketing and sales departments.

Helmut knows what real entrepreneurship is like. He has established a number of new companies, has held C-level positions and managed supervisory boards. Small and medium-sized organisations are his preferred scope. But he also understands the code of conduct in quite a few Multinationals.

Rhinelander by heart, he is aware that he should not take himself too seriously. In the stadium however, he systematically controls build-up and line of attack.


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Interim Management

Varying challenges, short deadlines, lack of resources on new terrain and an environment shaped by conflicting interests and information. Frantic business days and data explosion crush any thoughts focusing on the principal management duty - securing the business of tomorrow.



Are you fed up whenever loads of smart juniors are trying to explain your business after having absorbed that knowledge from your staff? Do you really want to be serviced from a kit of prefabricated consulting products? If results do matter more than methodology, then you've come to the right team.



There are commissioned managers and there are those who lead. Whether people back you and are willing to take on fresh challenges does not depend on your hierarchical status. "Leadership" is not yet another management technique, but instead is based on a maturing character.



We are hired in order to leave. However, some projects may require restaffing. We believe it is our responsibility to find the One, in order to carry the project to sustained growth. We have already filled hundreds of vacancies based on our elaborate direct search techniques.


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